Case studies

Small samples of our success..

International Company purchases small Israeli start-up and looks aggressively for the finest c/linux stars in the Country. Sophisticated QA......Project Managers....Linux Kernel developers...We found most of them. Not the mainstream recruitment companies.

Portfolio Company of massive American VC in "Green" area seeks product manager with profound knowledge of Embedded Programming and System Engineering. First candidate hits mark. Looks for dynamic c# team leader and senior c# developer. First cv's sent, two hires respectively.

Small start-up in Bio tech firm searches for project manager chemist with strong knowledge of Polymers. Searches for 6 months with no result. First cv from Hammelburger results in success. Person headhunted from well know Israeli pharmaceutical giant.

Multidisciplinary company in Energy looks for mechanical engineer project manager and c++/algorithms developers. Turns to us again and again with constant results.

Optical Fiber communication company seeks senior developer. First cv scores..Multidisciplinary defense start up seeks CMOS camera expert, direct headhunt from competitor hits mark. Cloud computing company seeks brilliant and diverse developers; first cv scores.....the list carries on and on...

If you would like to join the list please contact us and we will get to work on finding you the people that you are looking for; the best passive candidates on the market.